Another area of focus in the Academy is organizing the In-service training courses for serving State Forest Service (SFS) Officers. These courses are aimed at updating the knowledge; improving the skills; polishing the attitude and orienting the participants towards the latest developments in the forestry sector worldwide. Usually six to eight In-service training courses are conducted in an academic year.

Under JICA project improved training-cum-workshop modules had been developed for the In-service training. These one week training-cum-workshop focus on specific themes like Legal issues in Forestry & Wildlife, Training of Trainers, Wildlife Management, Human Resource Management and Community Forestry & JFM. A two weeks General Refresher Course is also conducted for the RFOs inducted into SFS. Over the years the Academy has also developed an expertise and reputation for organizing custom made Training courses for other Central and State Government Organizations.

Improved Course Modules Under JICA Project