Principal's Message

The foresters are privileged for having been given this significant task of serving the Mother Nature. The mandate is to ensure environmental sustainability in the future while also allowing for the needs of the society to be met in present. While the world is busy in developmental issues pertaining to the survival and well being of one species of Humans; i.e., Homo sapiens, the  foresters have the onerous task of looking after the well being of all the other species of flora and fauna on the Earth.

            Forestry is the art, science and practice of studying and managing forests and related natural resources. Foresters are required to work very closely with other specialists like geologists, entomologists, hydrologists; soil scientists, wildlife biologists, veterinarians, anthropologists, etc. The list is endless, owing to the inherent diversity of the domain and the intricacies involved. Forest fire control, generating employment, afforestation drives, protection of the precious natural wealth, ecotourism promotion, incentivization of species, timber and NWFP production, soil & water conservation are the variety of jobs that a forester performs. Contemporary issues like climate change mitigation, developmental pressures for diversion of forest land, environmental impacts,  Human-wildlife conflict management, biodiversity conservation, forest policy & law and community mobilization are also integral to the efficient and effective performance of a forester.

Central Academy for State Forest Service (CASFOS), Dehradun is one of the premier institutions in the country performing the task of imparting professional training to State Forest Service Officers on all the skills & knowledge that a forester must possess.

Kunal Satyarthi, IFS


CASFOS, Dehradun