Dr T Beula Ezhilmathi


Dr. T. Beula Ezhilmathi, IFS
2012, Maharashtra

Regarding early life, Beula was born and bought up in a remote town in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Both her parents were teachers which directly imposed on her strict and disciplined life. After she passed her under graduation at Madras Veterinary College she went to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh for pursuing her post-graduation at IVRI (Mecca of Veterinary science). She even joined Ph.D. due to her passion for research. The campus had many civil service aspirants at that time which created a spark and drive in her to write the Forest service exam and get through in the year 2011. She was a newbie to the forestry but as days moved, she developed a passion for the conservation of forests and wildlife.

In the year 2014, she got her cadre allotted and she joined as ACF in the territorial division of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. She worked in that famous densely forested district for more than a year and gained expertise in all aspects of forestry. Thereafter, she worked as DCF (T) West Nashik for 2-1/2 years and DCF (WL) Akot, Melghat Tiger Reserve for 1-1/2 years during which did justice to the conservation of Forests and Wildlife.

During the stay at Academy, apart from learning forestry, she developed an interest in playing games which continues still. In the year 2013, she represented IGNFA in All India Forest sports meet in the Classic chess event and won the silver medal. In the year 2020, she represented Maharashtra in All India Forest sports meet in Rapid chess event and won a bronze medal. Her other interests are reading books, listening to songs and cooking.

On central deputation, Beula has now started teaching as Lecturer, CASFOS, Dehradun from August 2020.