Environment Friendly Group

The Environment Friendly Group (EFG) is a group of technical experts who have contributed significantly for the environment and trees with research publications, research guidance, research support, advisory, specialization and experience spread over more than three decades to various government and non-government agencies, farmers and tree growers.Technical inputs related to environment and ecosystem are needed for various developmental activities carried out by the government and private enterprises. The public in general and government departments in particular are seeking advice from the concerned organizations and at times not getting desired information at the right time. The experts at EFG can give suitable advice in the field of tree health, protection from diseases and insect pests, tree nutrition and physiology, soil characterization and testing, identification of plants, fungi and insects, ecology, environment degradation and its restoration, soil health, plant species, plantations to be done in difficult sites, ecological concerns, growth requirement, tree health assessment, management, etc.

It was felt that there is dearth of advice and advisory on technical matters related to the iconic, heritage and important trees existing in the country. This is particularly in relation to their maintenance, conservation and treatments. The EFG can help in conservation and maintenance of such important trees.